Wednesday, September 8, 2010


its been so long since the last post i've posted b4.TOO LONG!haih~
RAYA i s just around the corner.and ima going to clebrate RAYA without my ABAH dis year :'(..(x best!)..erm,im out of office for 3 days n going back to work on a day b4 raya (gile kn?)..huhu..

Other than that, wht else yah?ha!2day sgt super duper stress n ANGER!seriously i cant keep it to myself anymore.u r too much!i just hate u!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

~Nota2 Kecil Dr HAti~

Hey..:)..sejak 2 menjak ni jiwa mcm kcau je.mcm ade mnde x kena.mixed fellings!rindu!cinta!syg!benci!jeles!menyampah!(sng cite semua ade)

Ntah kenapa.lately ni,"skandal office" smkin mnjadi2.ANNOYING pun ade kdg2.pnt la nk ade mulut,biarlh.lame2 diam la korunk kn?(hope so).ht rein da lame tertutup utk lelaki.(yeap!LELAKI)..da xtau ktne kunci.SERIK!utk ape bercinta kalau hnya tuk disakiti?(no,plisz.i dun want 2 go thru dat phase again.cukuplh.rein da penat).

Berkawan?YES!x slh kn?btul mmg rein SYG sume kwn2 syg thp mane?korunk x thu kn?so,DONT ASSUME ppl.mata kasar korunk x ckup HEBAT nk define relationship yg rein ade skng.
Biarlh rein dgn life rein.slagi rein x kcau life korunk,so plisz do so 2 me as well.:)..

CONFESSION:im single n will stay single as long as i heart is too fragile to be broken for times.cukuplah.rein heppy dgn ape yg rein ade skng.jd biarlh kn lh terus begini~

~Batu Atas Kepala~

Penat!Lelah!Letih!2 ape yg rein rase lately..Ntah knape pergi office da jd mcm PAKSAAN pd diri skng ni.da semakin x mnarik pd pndgan mata neyh CRC 2..who's 2 blame?hurm~

Dtg offce,then blik.dpt ape?NOTHING!i repeat NOTHING!kosong~Hey wake up la people,not worth it la nk keje lau x heppy.dpt ape?siyes sgt buhsan g keje.mcm kena pkse tau x?hurrr~

lately,issue yg raised psal nk resign.RESIGN!hey tlg la.ltih la nk nk lyn.sume nk ikut kepala sendiri.cane?runsing tau!bley jd gile lau ari2 cani.Management nk cani.Staff nk cani.last2 xde mutual understanding.CONCLUSION??

Open up la people.Be mature.Grow up!bkn small kids lg nk kna ajar satu2.I want a guwd n conducive environment 2 work,2 dat too demanding?? haih~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

::U took my BREATH away~::

9th Dec 2009-Tanggal 2..i wont 4get ever..he left us without a gud bye.without a sign..pergi yg xkn pernah kembali lagi. :'(
Mixed feelings!Cdey+keliru+terkilan=:'(..its happened just in a glimpse!mcm tu je.isk3..

ABAH!!!!!imy badly (al-fatihah~)

Im lost!yeah!TOTALLY LOST!hidup serious KOSONG~xde arah tujuan. :(..adik nk ikut!abahhhh!!
Abah x pernah hilang dr hati.Tiap2 hr adik doa hoping adik bley jupe abah lg.TAPI....:'(

Mane abah sy??sy nk abah sy???YA ALLAH help me.gv me ur guidance.

Kalau abah tnye ape ade dlm ht adik skng,mcm2 ade.mcm2 mende yg adik nk bwat n tunjuk kt abah.mcm2 abah.mcm2.kenapa dunia ni x adil?kenapa?at least gv me one last chnce 2 hv a last word wif tu mustahil kn?

i know i gotta be strong.i know abah will bless me in evrythng im doing this judgemental world.he's observing me from the 'other' abah?:)

i miss u sgt2 abah!miss ur silly jokes!miss ur harsh word when u gets angry!miss ur cheeky smiles.evrything about u.btul org ckp,time sumone tu maseh ade,appreciate.jgn regret nnt. :'(

Abah~semoga tenang kt "tmpat baru". sume org rindu abah kt cni.(teardrops running thru my cheeks now!yerp!)

ok la.i better get going.sgt cdey.i cnt write any da.assalamualaikum abah.

~ur 'annoying' daughter u ever had~

Monday, March 15, 2010

::Better Late Than Never::

Hye guys~ What an IMPRESSIVE achievement!9 mths without posting anything here.i really mean HERE!duh~(lau pregnant,i da de new-born baby da next mth tau :) he3 )

Ok lets recap what happened for the 2nd half of 2009:-

1.SIMA - 10th Aug 2009
-Overall just OK.A place where u learn"siapa kwn,siapa lwn"..a place where u know "xde mende yg dtg bergolek without effort(unless u lucky enuf,thats totally a different story)"

2.CRC - 1st Dec 2009 -i got a JOB!yeay!$$$$$

3.Eternity LOST
- 9th Dec 2009-Abah!:( :( :(

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hey,im back..;)

Rein juz got her new hobby..baking!!!yeah!!next mth rein nk g kursus cupcakes..seronok..;)
X sbr nk blaja cara decorate cupcake yg kiut2 tu..can't wait..;)

ain't they cute??;)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

::kucen ilang..:'(..cdey::

Hye guys..2day rein cdey amat..kucen rein yg bru beranak tu da means the mommy's kitten lost la kn??sian my baby kitten..hu3..

Penat rein cri around my negative..cant find it..duh~~..cdey nyer..puas rein pnngil x jugak muncul..mane die pegi neyh???waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...:'(

Harap sgt my cat 2 blik..u guys doa2 kn la k..hu3..

k la..end.